How to Buy Tennis Shoes? Find Out for Yourself

Different sport demand different types of shoes. If you wear golf shoes to play football, then you will not succeed in playing properly. Similarly, there are specially designed shoes for tennis players. Tennis is a sport that involves a lot of activities. You have to make quick starts and stops, frequent lateral movement, and short sprints. If you do not wear the right type of tennis shoes, then you may even get seriously injured while playing.

How to Buy Tennis Shoes?

There are several factors that you need to keep in mind while shopping for the right pair of tennis shoes. One miscalculated decision and you may get injured on a tennis court. Here are some of the factors discussed for your knowledge.

  1. Playing Style: Choosing tennis shoes based on your playing style is very important. Are you a baseline player or a serve-and-volley player? Tennis shoes for these types of tennis players will differ to some extent. Baseline players will need shoes that provide lateral support and come with a highly durable sole. On the other hand, serve-and-volley players will need shoes that come with a durable toecap along with medial inside the arch.
  2. Surface of The Court: The surface of the tennis court on which you plan to play is also a major factor to consider. Tennis courts are of three types, hard court, clay or soft court, and multi-court. Tennis shoes meant to be used on a hard court will come with a supportive upper and a more resilient outsole. These shoes are quite durable. On the other hand, tennis shoes for soft courts are made with mom-damaging traction in mind. At the same time, shoes for a multi-court are designed in such a way that these can be worn on both hard and soft courts.
  3. Type of Feet: It is very essential that you find out the type of your feet before shopping for the right pair of tennis shoes. 3 primary types of feet are neutral, overpronation, and underpronation. People with neutral feet can wear any type of tennis shoes. Those with overpronation feet need to wear shoes that provide better stability. At the same time, those with underpronation type of feet will have to wear shoes that can alleviate shock issues while making lateral movements.

Once you keep these important factors in mind, you will find it very simple to shop for the right pair of tennis shoes for yourself and find great budget friendly options. Shoes form an important part of any sport. If you do not wear the right pair of shoes, you will fail to play at your optimum potential and may also get injured.  Make sure to visit for more.